Why Reading is Important

There are a lot of reasons why reading is important but before that, I’ll tell you my story. A long ago when I was born, my mom was very busy because at that time she needs to take care of me, my big sister, and also all the chores without any assistant. She told me that she seldom read me a book. So every day she will let me play with my sister.

Things are different with my sister, my mom usually reads her a lot of books since she was a baby. It makes her grew up as a bookworm. She has good knowledge that makes her become a talkative person. She is also better at writing lessons while I find it difficult to string the words.

Now you see the importance of reading. It helps you with vocabulary, start a conversation and overcome stress. It helps you with everything. If you don’t like reading, you may not found the topic yet, just keep exploring. I used to hate books, but now I love them because now I have kids hahaha.

You know when you have kids, a lot of things happen, bam bam bam, you can’t handle it well unless you learn about them. When you know the reason why kids act something, you won’t get stress. This might be the beginning of my interest in books.

Now about my kids, the firstborn got her first reading routine when she was 3 years old. It’s a little bit late actually, but not really. It starts when we went to Sydney and live with my sister for 2 months. She usually read her child a book before going to bed. So when I live there, I have the reading task since my nephew sleeps with me and my daughter. Those 2 months of experience make my daughter get interested in books.  I still remember the first book I read, the title is There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake. They keep asked me to read this book for days.

Book Reading


I’m grateful to my sister because she taught me how to grow this reading interest at a young age. Now my second born loves books since he was a baby because the resources are a lot.

So for the conclusion, first you need to provide a lot of books and read them aloud and second, the most important is you need to make them visible everywhere because it attracts them to read even just to turn around the page.


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