What Encourages Me To Happily Memorize The Quran

At Tariq Surah, my first long surah I can memorize, long for me means more than 15 verses. I’m so happy that I can do that. Thanks to my daughter, who has this school duty. I was worried that she must do it in a limited time, but I was wrong because it wasn’t the case. I’m so glad I overheard the teacher in class that said he doesn’t want to put pressure on the student so this memorize thing depends on the student’s will and capability. Internalized intention is the most important.

My daughter has the intention but not the focus. If I didn’t guide her, she would be in her world with Rubik’s cube, movies, or books. There are 17 verses and a short time to memorize. I didn’t force her because I also can’t do that. In the end we learn together. I try to memorize 2-3 verses at once before I asked her to study. It might be her duty, but I’m struggling too. Do I regret putting her in Islamic school? Not at all. Honestly, I was in doubt when choosing her school, and I was scared to face this kind of duty because I have so many weaknesses. But now I’m so grateful because I can learn and get the motivation to memorize more surah. It’s not about my daughter anymore, but it was for myself. Should I found teacher for me too??

Back to my daughter, she finally gets all verses to memorize on the last day. I was set goal for only 12 verses but apparently she can do it better. It’s beyond expectation. She’s happy that she can pass the test for all verses. This image represents her very well.

happy girl memorize quran

Now she asked me to memorize another surah, the longer one. Challenge accepted girl. I just found this article to help kids memorize the Quran, I hope we can move forward together.


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