Relactation, a Thing That I Missed When Stop Breastfeeding

There is one thing I got regret most in my life and that was about breastfeeding my number two. Back when I was pregnant my doctor gives me vitamin D because I tend to be deficient and the effect I guess my baby’s teeth come in very quickly. In his first year, he already has 8 teeth.

 It’s hurt when I breastfeeding him, but sometimes I can endure the pain. I just use some lanolin cream to treat the sore but it never gets better, so I just keep trying other creams but the result still the same. I endure it for weeks till it gets worst. I came to the doctor and she said I can’t have direct breastfeeding for 3 days so the wound can heal quickly. she also gives me antibiotics.

It’s heartbreaking because it also affects breast milk, and my boy seems to forget about me.  I try to breastfeed him again but he keeps rejecting me.  He never wake up again in the night. I wish I can give breast milk for two years but sadly he doesn’t want it.


If only I didn’t give up quickly. If only I try to find help from an expert about relactation. I never know there is a thing called relactation. If you have same problem like me you may need to read this article “How to Start Breastfeeding Again If You’ve Stopped (or Never Started)“.

If only I go to the doctor immediately. Don’t hold the pain, it might be okay for you but not for your child.

So many things to regret 🙁 Sometimes I wish I have another child just to get the experience again but I don’t think I can handle it hahaha.


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