I Let Other Teaching Hijaiyah To My Child and Now I’m Regretting It

There are some reasons why I didn’t have the confidence to teach hijaiyah letter. First, I was in a Christian school until the age of 10, Second I don’t know why I should recite Quran. My parent called a teacher to home but I never took it seriously, no makhraj no tajwid, so I only read Quran when I took the lesson, after that, I never touch it.

When I was 17, I started to learn how to read properly, it’s because I need to pass the graduation test. I still remember how my friend, Devi, taught me the tajwid every day after school. After passed the test, the motivation to recite Quran was gone again until I got pregnant with my firstborn. It may be the first time I read it seriously because recite or listen to Quran can give a big impact on a baby’s intelligence.

When my daughter is in kindergarten, I let her took an extra hour to learn hijaiyah letter. At that time, my ability was still limited, I already learn from many books but my mistake is I didn’t find a teacher so I never know whether the makhraj is right or wrong. Because of that, I let others teach my daughter and I’m regretting it now.

When you read Quran you will get rewarded for every letter. It is not 1 surah, not 1 ayat, not 1 word, but you will be rewarded for each letter that is recited from the verses of the Quran. So when my daughter reads the Quran, not only she will be rewarded but the teacher got it also. That’s is why I’m so sad, so remember, do not let others teach hijaiyah to your child. Second born I’m ready now hahaha. I just found a website that provides free printables for kids, you can click here

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