Encouraging Independent Play In Toddler For More Productive Mom

A year ago I began to watch a vlog about mom’s life. I wonder why a mom with many kids can be so productive and apparently one of the answers is about independent play.

Children need time alone to play. It gives a lot of benefits such as emotional regulation, social independence, self-confidence, self-reliance, better learners. You can read the explanation here Why Independent Play is Important for Children

When I moved to my new house, I got stuck with my 2 years old child since hubby was always busy working and come home above 6 p.m. She always wants to be accompanied, which makes me struggle very much because I didn’t have my own space. I let that happen for years because I think it’s just a normal phase but I was very wrong. My mistake is I didn’t encourage her to play alone.

independent play

Learning from my mistake, I try to give different treatment to my second child. I train him to play alone since he was 2 years old. I’m giving him a safe space to play and read a book. I declutter the toys and books so that he can found and reaches things easily.

I make myself busy with asking my mom to replace the maid’s role for cooking. I got 2 benefits from this independent play. First, I can learn how to cook from my mom and the second is my boy can have quiet time to play alone.

The first difficult thing when I train him is to not make eye contact or talk. It’s a habit to make a compliment when he makes some achievement. But when I know the tips I try to hold all the comments. There are some tips to train the kids to entertain themselves. I learned it from here

So yeah now the second born is more understandable, he will wait patiently when I go somewhere or even just to the bathroom. He will play or read a book by himself waiting for me. When I need to go out of town, he acted slowly, he said “that’s okay mom, I will play puzzle while waiting for you”. It succeeds, now I can do what I love, I got more productive than a few years ago when I only took care of one child.


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