When You Can’t Control Your Emotion, Remember This Thing

A few days ago, I had difficulty controlling emotion when taking care of the kids. They make me upset because they didn’t behave like I wish they did. They also see the bad things in me, and they follow what they see. I hate it because I can’t make a good example for them. 

Now my daughter imitates my temperament. When she was angry with her brother, I saw myself in her. I wish I could erase that bad experience in her head. 

I realize that my children’s behavior is my responsible. If I want them to be good, I should correct myself first. I try to hold the emotion, but sometimes the situation is not good, so I keep making the same mistake. One day I got the youtube link about parenting in the motherhood group, dr. Aisah Dahlan, CHt explained about surah Ali Imran:159. She always uses this verse to be her guide in handling the kids. Click here if you want to watch it.

Ali 'Imran-159

It’s about the importance of being gentle to the kids for whatever they do. It’s about forgiving their mistake and also asking Allah SWT for their forgiveness. It’s not easy and needs a lot of effort, but I’m grateful to know about this verse. I feel more confident in facing my fear of losing control. I also feel more comfortable because I don’t feel alone to face the uncertain things about kids.


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