Deciding to Be a Stay at Home Mom

There is no doubt to resign when I deciding to be a stay-at-home mom. I love my job but at the same time, I don’t want to depend on others to raise my child. My boss tries to persuade me but I refused because my contribution to the company might be very very small compare to my child. After all, I’m their world. I just need to wait for a  few years to begin again. So yeah I left my job with pride and then got stress for years hahaha.

It was crazy, it took a long long time for me to accept it. I cry a lot and my husband just said “you make the decision why don’t you take the consequences as well.” The situation becomes more difficult because I move out of town far away from my family and friends. For a moment I can only count on hubby. This picture describes me very well 😁.

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Being with a kid for 24 hours is exhausted. I feel bored, lonely, and useless. Sometimes I feel my education is wasted because I can’t do anything while taking care of my child. The task seems small but it took a lot of energy. My situation just got better when I enter her into a playgroup. I start making a friend with another mom. It helps me to slowly accept the situation. But still, it feels empty because I have no goal for my life. I try to found things that can work along with kids. But always failed because I didn’t know how to make my kid detach from me. Until a year ago I discover about independent play. You can read about this here

One other thing that make me stress is the lack of finances because of the debts. We bought the old house, motorcycle, and car with credit. Our income reduce a lot because of the debt so to fulfill other needs we use a credit card too. So the debts are become higher and higher.

I feel like it was normal because everybody also does that but I was very wrong. I started to have a goal in my life and that was to get out of debt. It took 4-5 years to be free from debt and I guess it was the time when I start to enjoy the part of being stay at home mom. There is more flexibility when the financial not too tight. It helps me to be a happier mom.

The conclusion: There are two things that help me to finally enjoy my role as stay-at-home-mom. First is being debt free and the second is being more productive.


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