My New Definition of Taking a Break

A long ago, my definition of taking a break was to have time alone for relaxing activities. Every day I always wait for the kid’s sleep time. It was the time when I finally have time to entertain myself with browsing and watching. Sometimes I lack sleep because I watch movies until dawn and become a cranky mom in the morning. My poor daughter is the one who got the impact because I was easily angry.

I feel my life is always flat until a few months ago I join a class and the trainer says that taking a break it’s not always about lying around. It’s about changing your activity. For example, when you are tired of the kid, try cooking. When you are tired of cooking, try to read a book, etc. The point is to take a break from one activity to another activity. When I knew about this, my life has changed. I didn’t stick to rest at one time anymore. I feel I have a lot of me-time that let me enjoy my role as a stay-at-home mom.

taking a break

No more waiting time: every second is valuable for me. I feel like I can do anything. Now children are no longer an obstacle to being productive. I even sleep early following my kids. It was around 9 pm, while a long time ago I always sleep around midnight. I didn’t miss the nighttime because I already fulfill what I need and want to do in a day.

Since I sleep early, I also wake up early. I try to open my eyes around 3 am to 4 am, when my watch starts vibrating. If I am still exhausted, I usually sleep again and wake up at 5 am. On the other hand, when fully rested, I can read and pray in better quiet time. It was better than at night because I already do my homework to sleep well.

Anyway, let rest for a while because I need to do my laundry now 😀


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