How Minimalism Change My Life

Moving to a smaller house is difficult for me. It’s not even a quarter from my parent’s house but I didn’t regret it because I’m the one who made the decision. It feels cramped actually haha. To make it feel better I start buying the furniture, shelving unit, etc. At first, it makes me happy but later I got stress because the clutter makes my space smaller. I already try to organize the stuff but you know when you have a kid you can’t expect things tidy. I hate to see the messy so I spend much time cleaning up to make it more relax.
The first time we move into the house, our goal is to fill it with furniture but then the size is wrong so space feels more cramped. To solve the problem I try to sell and give it to friend and family that might need it. After that, I find another piece of furniture that more flexible and buy some storage to make everything tidier. I keep spending money on something that temporary. I keep changing my mind to make space feel more spacious but it never went well.

In 2018 when I pregnant with my second born,  I start to think about how to be efficient and one book about minimalism is saving me, the title is goodbye, things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki.

the new Japanese minimalism

I start to realize that I made a mistake. I always think about how to be more organized to make the space more spacious but I was wrong because the answer is about things, not storage. Things take my space, my time to clean them, and my money to buy storage.

Then I start to sort my stuff, I give a lot of things to others and keep that useful for me. I didn’t keep things that I think will be useful later. I make them more valuable because others might need them right now. The house feels more peaceful even with echoing because the house is almost empty. Actually, the point of minimalism isn’t about having empty space but in my case, I guess I have too much stuff that I don’t need hahaha. It takes time, but it’s worth it. I started 3 years ago and I finally succeed.

This new lifestyle has change my perspective of buying things. I can now spend money on something that more important. It helps me to pay off the debt, you can see my other post about it here.

In the beginning, I find difficult to live in my current house but now it’s different. My current house is a good size for us. It’s easier to maintain. I can’t imagine if I need to live in a big house like my parent’s house. I only need their garden. I hope later I can have my dream home, with enough space like my current house but with a big garden.


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