What You Need To Do Before Renovate an Existing House

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Renovation is my thing. I’m obsessed with house renovation. The reason is that I bought an existing house that I didn’t like but still agree because the location is good. I’m thinking about driving my kids to school so I need some good access for that. But in return, I spend a lot of money to make my home more me. Almost every year our house is being renovated, one area can change many times. Our parents are upset about it and try to persuade us to buy another one, but we still love it because the location is very strategic. It is close to our parent’s house and still in fair distance to hubby’s office.

Now hubby’s doing work from home, we need another space to be more conducive, so we plan to build the mezzanine. We hired an architect because we didn’t know the right way, surprisingly the result is beyond expectation. He makes a big picture of the whole house when we only asked to renovate a little part of the house. He gives us a vision about the potential to be a more beautiful house.

I wish I did that in my first renovation. There will be more efficient in time and money. If you have the same experience in buying an existing house, don’t think partially, you need to have a good plan for the whole house. My mistake is I only renovate one room each year.

How about the result? It’s quite good but some time and money are wasted because I keep changing my urge. It will be different when I hired an expert from the beginning. With good design, you can efficiently renovate the house and do that gradually in the right way.

Don’t ever doubt to pay for the design, it’s worth it. The most important is to ask about the big picture, you may have a new vision of the house that you never imagine in the first place.

“knowing” something is not the same as being an expert on it.

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