After surviving for 2 years

It finally came to us. A week ago, hubby and I got the same symptoms. We never thought it was covid since we always try to be strict about the mask. Then on Friday, we checked then the result was positive. Hubby was upset because he was confused about where it came from, while me a little bit relaxed but at the same time nervous about how many people around us will get the effect. Gratefully the children and my parents are good. 

I keep thinking and thinking again about why it happened to us. I finally got the answer. It came when we supervised some people who worked for us. We were renovating our house that came to an end process. We tried to handle the finishing directly. 

There are a lot of people who came into our house. They took care of the kitchen set, ac, and stair railing. Some of them were not using the mask, while the others were putting it on their chin. For a few hours, the virus accumulated in that room. I thought the ventilation was good enough, but then I was wrong. The virus might still be there even when they leave the house. Unfortunately, that was when we put off our masks.

So here I am now with hubby, in the same room for almost five days. I believe things were destiny after our maximum effort. That’s why I’m more relaxed than hubby. Another five days to go as a free mom. It’s good because we didn’t need to hear any screaming or crying kids. Sometimes, We feel invisible because my mom only calls us when the foods are ready. 

The one that missed me very much was my daughter. She always says: “I can’t live without you mom, I wish you could live long for 100 years.” I replied, “Please no, I will have no friend at that age.” Then she answered, I will accompany you because I will be 80 by then.

Back to my activities, since I’m on holiday now. There are so many things I can do because the symptom was gone. Here is the list:

  1. Reading Quran more often than I used to be. 
  2. Reading a book
  3. Writing blog
  4. Training my brain with sudoku
  5. Learning Arabic
  6. Watching Netflix movies. 


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