How to Make Perfect Pancake

how to make perfect pancake

When you read the title about perfect pancake, you might think about the recipe, but what I want to share is about how I found out the better way to do it. 

It started when I follow Farah Quinn on Instagram. In her story, I learn how she teaches her toddler to cook pancakes. She often uses a blender to mixed all the ingredients and gets the perfect batter. I was amazed because I have done few experiments for pancake recipes, and it always whisks manually, so I never know about this before. It might be a small thing, but it makes things a lot easier, especially when I teach my daughter to cook. It can use for other recipes like crepes, rissoles, etc.

Usually, I need to accompany my daughter to make pancakes because she got troubled when mixed the ingredients. But things are different now. This new method has raised her confidence to cook. She will prepare the ingredients, mixed them, and cook on a hot buttered skillet by herself.

Pancake is her beginning, a food that leads to another experiment. She is not really into sweets, but she enjoys the experiments. I seldom buy her sweets because she never even glance at them. But when we made it at home, she will eat it for sure. I think maybe she tries to appreciate the process.

Anyway, to complete the experiment, I usually asked her to write the recipe so later she can easily recook it without losing time to browse the recipe again. Hopefully, when she grows up, she can have a recipe collection like my mom. His brother might be the one who will use it for the first time. I hope my boy also loves to cook. 


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