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When You Procrastinate, Remember This!!

You’re not a superman/superwoman tomorrow, so do it today, right now, go. There’s no different tomorrow, still the same you. One thing I remember from a book “hello, habits” by Fumio Sasaki.


When You Can’t Control Your Emotion, Remember This Thing

A few days ago, I had difficulty controlling emotion when taking care of the kids. They make me upset because they didn’t behave like I wish they did. They also see the bad things in me, and they follow what they see. I hate it because I can’t make a...

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What Encourages Me To Happily Memorize The Quran

At Tariq Surah, my first long surah I can memorize, long for me means more than 15 verses. I’m so happy that I can do that. Thanks to my daughter, who has this school duty. I was worried that she must do it in a limited time, but I was...

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My New Definition of Taking a Break

A long ago, my definition of taking a break was to have time alone for relaxing activities. Every day I always wait for the kid’s sleep time. It was the time when I finally have time to entertain myself with browsing and watching. Sometimes I lack sleep because I watch...

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Encouraging Independent Play In Toddler For More Productive Mom

A year ago I began to watch a vlog about mom’s life. I wonder why a mom with many kids can be so productive and apparently one of the answers is about independent play. Children need time alone to play. It gives a lot of benefits such as emotional regulation,...


Relactation, a Thing That I Missed When Stop Breastfeeding

There is one thing I got regret most in my life and that was about breastfeeding my number two. Back when I was pregnant my doctor gives me vitamin D because I tend to be deficient and the effect I guess my baby’s teeth come in very quickly. In his...

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I Let Other Teaching Hijaiyah To My Child and Now I’m Regretting It

There are some reasons why I didn’t have the confidence to teach hijaiyah letter. First, I was in a Christian school until the age of 10, Second I don’t know why I should recite Quran. My parent called a teacher to home but I never took it seriously, no makhraj...

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Deciding to Be a Stay at Home Mom

There is no doubt to resign when I deciding to be a stay-at-home mom. I love my job but at the same time, I don’t want to depend on others to raise my child. My boss tries to persuade me but I refused because my contribution to the company might...

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Why Reading is Important

There are a lot of reasons why reading is important but before that, I’ll tell you my story. A long ago when I was born, my mom was very busy because at that time she needs to take care of me, my big sister, and also all the chores without...