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After surviving for 2 years

It finally came to us. A week ago, hubby and I got the same symptoms. We never thought it was covid since we always try to be strict about the mask. Then on Friday, we checked then the result was positive. Hubby was upset because he was confused about where...


When You Procrastinate, Remember This!!

You’re not a superman/superwoman tomorrow, so do it today, right now, go. There’s no different tomorrow, still the same you. One thing I remember from a book “hello, habits” by Fumio Sasaki.


When You Can’t Control Your Emotion, Remember This Thing

A few days ago, I had difficulty controlling emotion when taking care of the kids. They make me upset because they didn’t behave like I wish they did. They also see the bad things in me, and they follow what they see. I hate it because I can’t make a...

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Recipe Recooked: Pizza Dough Easy

When I heard pizza, I was imagine something complex. Gratefully my sister recommends one recipe that really easy. This recipe has changed my point of view. For the preparation, you only need cups. All ingredients are measure by cups and teaspoons. Just take a look at this resume. We can...

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What Encourages Me To Happily Memorize The Quran

At Tariq Surah, my first long surah I can memorize, long for me means more than 15 verses. I’m so happy that I can do that. Thanks to my daughter, who has this school duty. I was worried that she must do it in a limited time, but I was...

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Soto Ayam Bandung

Masukkan bahan-bahan ke dalam presto, tunggu sampai naik, kecilkan api masak selama 30 menit. Praktek yang di bawah memakai bola2 daging. 2. Masukkan santan, aduk hingga mendidih 3. Terakhir tambahkan irisan bawang daun, seledri dan bawang merah goreng.

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How to Make Perfect Pancake

When you read the title about perfect pancake, you might think about the recipe, but what I want to share is about how I found out the better way to do it.  It started when I follow Farah Quinn on Instagram. In her story, I learn how she teaches her toddler to...

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My New Definition of Taking a Break

A long ago, my definition of taking a break was to have time alone for relaxing activities. Every day I always wait for the kid’s sleep time. It was the time when I finally have time to entertain myself with browsing and watching. Sometimes I lack sleep because I watch...

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What You Need To Do Before Renovate an Existing House

Renovation is my thing. I’m obsessed with house renovation. The reason is that I bought an existing house that I didn’t like but still agree because the location is good. I’m thinking about driving my kids to school so I need some good access for that. But in return, I...

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Encouraging Independent Play In Toddler For More Productive Mom

A year ago I began to watch a vlog about mom’s life. I wonder why a mom with many kids can be so productive and apparently one of the answers is about independent play. Children need time alone to play. It gives a lot of benefits such as emotional regulation,...


Relactation, a Thing That I Missed When Stop Breastfeeding

There is one thing I got regret most in my life and that was about breastfeeding my number two. Back when I was pregnant my doctor gives me vitamin D because I tend to be deficient and the effect I guess my baby’s teeth come in very quickly. In his...

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Masakan rumah paling gampang kayanya, karena bahannya cuma tiga yang harus disiapin yaitu cabe merah, bawang putih, sereh. selesai.

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Tumis Asin Gabus

Memasak tumis asin gabus ini sangat mudah, hanya persiapannya yang memakan waktu. Tumis semua bahan lalu masukkan ikan yang sudah digoreng, tambahkan kecap manis dan selesai.

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I Let Other Teaching Hijaiyah To My Child and Now I’m Regretting It

There are some reasons why I didn’t have the confidence to teach hijaiyah letter. First, I was in a Christian school until the age of 10, Second I don’t know why I should recite Quran. My parent called a teacher to home but I never took it seriously, no makhraj...

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Buku Resep Masakan Mamah

Sejak pandemi kita mulai tinggal di rumah mamah, kalau bisa tinggal di Bandung ngapain di Jakarta yakan. Jadinya surga banget tiap hari makan masakan mamah. Dulu ga pernah sadar betapa enaknya masakan rumah sampai pindah keluar rumah heuheu. Walaupun banyak resep betebaran di dunia masak, tetep aja masakan rumah itu...


How Minimalism Change My Life

Moving to a smaller house is difficult for me. It’s not even a quarter from my parent’s house but I didn’t regret it because I’m the one who made the decision. It feels cramped actually haha. To make it feel better I start buying the furniture, shelving unit, etc. At...

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How We Get Out Of Debt and Remain Debt-Free

Before telling you how we get out of debt, let me tell you how we get in trouble. It starts when I want an ideal life. Got married, buy a house, car, and insurance. I think it’s very easy to have everything, we only need to provide monthly payment and...

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Deciding to Be a Stay at Home Mom

There is no doubt to resign when I deciding to be a stay-at-home mom. I love my job but at the same time, I don’t want to depend on others to raise my child. My boss tries to persuade me but I refused because my contribution to the company might...

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Why Reading is Important

There are a lot of reasons why reading is important but before that, I’ll tell you my story. A long ago when I was born, my mom was very busy because at that time she needs to take care of me, my big sister, and also all the chores without...