Monthly Archive: August 2021

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What Encourages Me To Happily Memorize The Quran

At Tariq Surah, my first long surah I can memorize, long for me means more than 15 verses. I’m so happy that I can do that. Thanks to my daughter, who has this school duty. I was worried that she must do it in a limited time, but I was...

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Soto Ayam Bandung

Masukkan bahan-bahan ke dalam presto, tunggu sampai naik, kecilkan api masak selama 30 menit. Praktek yang di bawah memakai bola2 daging. 2. Masukkan santan, aduk hingga mendidih 3. Terakhir tambahkan irisan bawang daun, seledri dan bawang merah goreng.

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How to Make Perfect Pancake

When you read the title about perfect pancake, you might think about the recipe, but what I want to share is about how I found out the better way to do it.  It started when I follow Farah Quinn on Instagram. In her story, I learn how she teaches her toddler to...

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My New Definition of Taking a Break

A long ago, my definition of taking a break was to have time alone for relaxing activities. Every day I always wait for the kid’s sleep time. It was the time when I finally have time to entertain myself with browsing and watching. Sometimes I lack sleep because I watch...